• Saturday 1st November 2014

    Wander, explore and flee through the inky dark pages of tales as old as time at Bourne & Hollingsworth’s A Grimm Halloween Party, and discover that not every story has a happily ever after. Immerse yourself in a night full of macabre thrills, live performances, themed rooms, Bourne & Hollingsworth renowned potent cocktails and dancing.

    Saturday 1st November, 8pm-2am

    The Grand Hall St Pancras, Euston Road, London, WC1H 9JE

    Tickets for A Grimm Halloween Party are now SOLD OUT

  • Enter a ballroom frozen in time, explore the enchanted forest, and discover the secret rooms that twist and turn through the suddenly menacing stories of your childhood. A Curious Invitation, experts in the unnatural, will trick you into entering Rumpelstiltskin’s lair. Bourne & Hollingsworth beckons you to enter a fairy-tale dreamland -wake up if you can.

    Dress Code: Halloween’s Finest. Embody the characters from childhood fantasies and adult nightmares. Whether deathly white or gold of locks, orphaned in tatters or silk-wrapped royalty, crooked man or dragon-singed prince, fair of face, or wolfishly handsome, ensure you arrive with your own story, and your own ending.

    Tickets for A Grimm Halloween Party are now SOLD OUT