A Piece of B&H - The Greenhouse


WHAT IS IT? The Greenhouse  

WHERE IS IT? Part of the restaurant area at B&H Buildings, Clerkenwell.

MATERIALS? Glass, iron, wood, marble, stone.

HISTORY? Two years ago The Greenhouse at B&H Buildings did not exist; in fact, B&H Buildings didn’t exist. The structure that now houses our venue was part building site, part B&H office, part blank canvas upon which we could paint those ideas that had been developing over the years. At that time, we used The Greenhouse to park the owner’s car; during the times the car was absent, it would be used as a little sanctuary to catch what little sun came through, or to while away a lunch-break over a good book.  

The designers who worked on B&H Buildings spent hours playing around with various ideas. When the suggestion of a country house gone to seed was initially floated it was met with doubt and uncertainty; it hadn’t been done before, could it work? Over time however, as the mood board developed and the concept took hold, the collective imagination went into overdrive. What could be better? A sanctuary of green hanging plants, loud floral patterns, natural materials and verdant leaves in the middle of London.

And so we did it: knocked a wall down, put in six floor-to-ceiling folding doors; sourced a beautiful glass and iron structure; filled it with greenery, festoon lights, arm-chairs and marble tables, and The Greenhouse was there, as if it had always been there.  

WHAT IS IT USED FOR? The Greenhouse is arguably the most recognisable space in Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, the backdrop for sunny brunches, photoshoots, intimate dinners and product launches. It is the most sought-after room in the building and our own personal reminder that even the most far-fetched idea can become reality.  

For bookings and further information visit bandhbuildings.com