The Country House Party -  A Bourne & Hollingsworth Festival 



B&H is widely recognised as the founding force in the immersive experience world, having earned an iron-clad reputation for innovative, successful experience-led events,. As well as establishing a number of landmark event brands such as Cocktails in the City, The Tweed Run and The Prohibition Party, we also operate as the backbone of commercial infrastructure for white-labelled events such as Secret Cinema and London Fashion Week.


London's leading cocktail creators


Cocktails in the City - london's leading cocktail festival
Cocktails in the City - 25 of London's best cocktail bars all under one roof


B&H Group is widely respected for the quality of cocktails they produce and their vast knowledge of spirits.

This reputation is reinforced through the various and popular masterclasses and workshops hosted at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings and Reverend JW Simpson, which are regularly adapted for one-off celebrations and private events. 



B&H is known as a founding force in the immersive experience world. Having established a number of successful landmark event brands, B&H is also the backbone of various other well-known immersive events, providing the commercial infrastructure, creative input and experience required to run successful events, such as Secret Cinema.

In 2016 B&H Productions welcomed over 1,300 guests to our parties and served over 56,000 drinks.

Year to date, B&H Productions has catered to over 80,000 guests and served over 170,000 drinks, with over 100,000 being cocktails.

The Dark Circus Party Halloween Special 


Bourne & Hollingsworth are experts in creative and set design. Our in-house design team work hard to tailor each event in line with the creative brief and budget of the client, with the use of props, menu design, theming, set up and dress code of bar staff, etc.

This attention to detail carries through to our venues, each one with its own style, whilst still delivering the B&H ethos of beautiful interiors.

We strive to create breath-taking spaces (indoor and outdoor) that inspire our customers and lead new trends.

Cocktails in the greenhouse at B&H Buildings in Clerkenwell
Delicious desserts at B&H Buildings in Clerkenwell


As well as our own events, B&H regularly operates large bars and restaurants (both indoor and outdoor) as white label F&B providers in partnership with other well-known brands. These events can range from smaller, more intimate occasions of 500 guests, up to larger productions in excess of 10,000 guests. Through our own landmark events and wider partnerships, B&H are trusted providers in mainstay technical, commercial infrastructure and creative event delivery, characterised by our functional creativity and obsessively controlled production values.

The services include but are not limited to: operations, bars, catering and financing, as well as being very well practised in managing licences, licensing conditions and objectives. We are experts in following directives from licensing and local authorities, ensuring that all our events comply with health & safety objectives, and operate on tightly controlled risk assessments.

Our diverse team of event organisers, set designers and cocktail creators are experts in effectively engaging your target audience with your brand, as well as providing unparalleled connections with the leading restaurants, chefs, musicians, venues and brand ambassadors.

Our marketing team offers access to cast-iron media relationships and standout communications and PR strategies, combining 10+ years of insights and data on what makes the capital’s influencers ticket and how best to engage them. We bring to any partnership aninherent understanding of brand identity, its importance and how to effectively maintain and build it.



Designed by head chef Anthony Horn, the menu at B&H Buildings features his modern take on classic English fare. Always seasonal and always locally sourced, our menus can cater to all dietary requirements so there is something for everyone.

We have a whole host of tried and tested menus to fit every event, from business breakfasts to wedding buffets, and Anthony is always on hand to build or adapt a menu around your requirements. We are happy to offer tasting sessions with your event organiser and the head chef, and these can be booked as early as two months prior to your event. The food costs will be deducted from your agreed minimum spend.

Anthony continues to influence and advise the events team in producing the finest and most innovative event menus. From lavish Christmas banquets to homemade picnic hampers, barbecues for 2,000 guests to beautifully presented wedding canapés, all our menus are tailored and bespoke to suit the event, client and consumer.