Below & Hidden


Life doesn’t need to be complicated; simplicity is luxury. Following this logic our basement is very luxurious. Follow the stairs down, go past the toilets, if it’s a weekend and it’s late, follow the sound…

We have a soft spot for small, intimate basements. The history of nightlife is filled with legendary places no bigger than a living room. In such places, traditionally, there is nothing more than somewhere comfortable to sit, small tables, extremely forgiving light, great drinks, charming service and, naturally, amazing music. The beauty of those tables being small is that they are easy to move when you decide that the music is so good that you have to dance!

The best of these places exist as a well-kept secret. They have to: remember, they are very small. They are the cool opposite of cavernous clubs with queues being marshalled by “security”. Ours is a hazy secret to the degree that it doesn’t have, as yet, a formal name. Below & Hidden keeps getting a mention, as does Boho. The important things though, the drinks, service, DJ, things like that, they have been sorted.

It is a place for when you don’t feel like winding down the night just yet. Elegant misbehaviour has a place in everyone’s life we think. As a friend of Bourne & Hollingsworth your name’s down. If we were one of those nightclubs, you would be ushered straight in, past the velvet rope with a respectful nod from the gentleman on the door.

Come along. Kick off your shoes if you must, get up and dance. The smallest room you ever got lost in.

Fridays & Saturdays: 8pm - 2am