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The Night of the Shooting Stars

Thursday 15th August 2019

An Italian Feast at rooftop restaurant and bar B&H Garden Room.

Join us in the lush surroundings of B&H Garden Room on Thursday 15th August for a magnificent Roman feast and escape to Italy as we embrace and celebrate Ferragosto, a traditional Italian festivity. Our rooftop restaurant and bar in the heart of the west end will play host to an epic Italian banquet, with decadent dishes, all washed down with Aperol Spritzs and copious amounts of wine.

Italian summers, rather unlike our British ones, often feel sublimely endless. In tiny toy towns nestled into craggy cliffsides, prettily crayoned dwellings in pastel colours, peach-orange and sherbet lemon, rise block on block above sparkling turquoise seas.

In the midst of these lazy summer months falls Ferragosto, an international holiday celebrated throughout Italy on August 15th. Shop fronts and businesses shut their doors for the day and people throughout the country take the day off to parade gleefully through the streets in mark of this ancient holiday. The day marks the start of the Italian vacation season, with many choosing to escape the stifling heat of the city and flock to the countryside, lakes or coast.

Here at Bourne & Hollingsworth, we have decided to welcome a bit of the Italian Dolce Vita to our rooftop restaurant & bar, B&H Garden Room on Thursday 15th August. Join us for a magnificent Roman meets Mediterranean feast, with freshly grilled meats and vegetables, sumptuous stuffed zucchini flowers, baked pasta, indulgent sweets and luscious fruits, all washed down with bold Italian wines, Campari cocktails and many many Aperol Spritzs.

Early bird tickets are now on sale at £45 which includes a three course supper and aperitif masterclass.