Cocktail of the Month: Cockpit County Shandy

And the winner of September's cocktail of the month is...

Ali Fraser with his Cockpit County Shandy!

Ali overcame a double handicap of being Sam's flatmate and a friend of Jim's (he was put through the ringer with some seriously tough questions about both Appleton and his drink) to win his first competition with us, and wins the range of Appleton Rums up to and including the epic Rare Limited Edition Appleton Estate rum 21 year old.

Available throughout all our venues for the month of September. 

Cockpit County Shandy

A delicious twist on the Jamaican Rum punch, with Appleton rare blend 12 year old rum, Alastair's homemade shandy sherbet (a fresh mix of lemon, lager and unrefined sugar) and Angostura bitters served short, rich and punchy.

Glass: Rocks

Method: Stir & strain over cubes in a rocks glass

40ml Appleton 12 year

20ml Shandy Sherbet (see below recipe)

Three dashes of Angostura bitters

Garnish: Lemon Twist


Shandy Sherbet:

Three lemon peels

400g Sugar left in a Kilner jar overnight

Then add 200ml Lemon Juice

200ml soda

Two bottles (660ml) of Curious Brew Lager

Stir until sugar dissolved.

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