A Piece of B&H



WHAT IS IT? The Fireplace at B&H Buildings

WHERE IS IT? 42 Northampton Road, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 0HU


MATERIALS? Antique Stone

HISTORY? The fireplace is made from salvaged stone, taken out of a French private residence and was delivered in separate pieces. When we started to put it together, it became very clear that a piece was missing from the original feature, so we had to create one out of concrete resin and colour it. This all sounds quite simple to put together until you consider just how much each piece weighs!

WHAT IS IT USED FOR? During the summer the fireplace makes a lovely resting place for our flower arrangements, the first thing anyone sees as they enter the building. In winter, though, the fireplace comes into its own and the seating area around it is much sought after as the cosiest spot in the bar.