It's Friday, I'm in Love

It’s Friday. It’s been a long hard week and you’re in need of a night to blow off some steam. In this writer’s case, you’re also in need of a very strong drink. You also don’t want to go very far, the vibe needs to be relaxed and informal, ideally there would be a few distractions so if Barry from accounts gets too sloshed, you can divert your attention elsewhere. The drinks need to be good and strong and there needs to be somewhere to dance.

So where do you go dear reader?

Luckily, I have come armed with the answer. Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings.

Now, you may have already visited our delightful watering hole on a Friday before. You may have even ventured downstairs and discovered the subterranean delights of Below & Hidden. So you know that B&H Buildings ticks some of those boxes: great strong drinks, relaxed atmosphere, handsome bartenders to flirt with and a place to get down and dirty (or just down?)

What you may not know is that from February 1st, we’ll be hosting fortnightly pimped up Friday nights. We’ve coined these cleverly as Friday ‘Lives’ and in a nutshell we add the icing on top of the cake. A live band playing anything from soul, to funk and jazz to get your toes tapping early doors. A special cocktail. A food truck outside.


Friday night - sorted.

Live Fridays at B&H Buildings

Coming up: Friday 14th May


Megan Burroughs