Drawing in the basement

Life Drawing at B&H Buildings

Art and hospitality have a long and glorious union. Bacon, Picasso and a host of others historically scribbled on napkins in exchange for food and, more importantly, drink. This arrangement furnished some restaurants with formidable art collections. Whilst we don’t promise we will be pledging a lifetime’s eating and drinking in exchange for your works we are certain you will succumb to the contemplative and satisfying creative satisfaction of drawing with a drink close at hand. Nowhere in London has a stronger link with the artistic and creative community.

We will be bringing in a gifted and eminent artist to guide you in the pursuit. The timeless alchemy of a hand, a pencil and paper. No sniggering at the live model! come on, we all know what the body looks like!

Every Tuesday at B&H Buildings - Drop In £10 per class

7pm - 9pm