A word from The Reverend

What's on at Reverend JW Simpson

Calling all cocktail enthusiasts! The Reverend and his disciples have spent the cold winter months dreaming up delicious, innovative new concoctions to tantalise and tease your taste-buds.


The eight Drinks with Benefits use ingredients that work together to have a specific health benefit to the drinker, whilst also delivering unrivalled, delicious, well-balanced and intriguing cocktails. Showcasing every day ‘super foods’, it’s not only strange powders or rare fruits that fall into this category, but things like carrots, red cabbage and tomatoes, which are also incredibly powerful ingredients.

Some of our favourites


El Jimador Reposado tequila, watermelon juice, cactus water, lime, spiced hibiscus cordial, cayenne salt


(perhaps not ideal for first dates)

Gin Mare, Cocchi Americano, garlic and sage tincture, onions


Bell pepper infused Fair vodka, tomato water, strawberry balsamic shrub, fresh lemon juice


Spirited Sermons

Reverend JW Simpson is delighted to announce the continuation of its incredibly popular series of informative, interactive and innovative Spirited Sermons cocktail masterclasses. The Reverend will be praising and preaching about some of the world’s oldest and most fascinating spirits, offering delicious new takes on classic recipes before inviting guests to try their hand at shaking them to life.

Throughout the evening, the host joins guests at their table to examine the chosen spirit, offering fascinating facts and amusing anecdotes about its history and production, whilst Rev JW Simpson’s experienced cocktail bartenders demonstrate how to use the spirit’s unique tastes to create beautiful, delicate and delicious concoctions.

Guests will then have the opportunity to use their newly learnt skills to shake and stir their own cocktail behind the bar.

There are two sessions, 6.30pm and 8.30pm, perfect for pre-dinner or finishing your evening with a flair.

Upcoming Sermons:


With Glendalough Rose Gin

Tuesday 21st May 2019



With Tanqueray Flor de Seville

Tuesday 4th June 2019



Father’s Day Special Scotch Whiskies

Tuesday 18th June 2019